BYOD ‘linked to increased productivity’

All organisations, whether big or small, are keen to keep employees happy, as this has a positive knock-on effect on productivity, helping to boost businesses and drive growth. Workers that are content are also less likely to want to move to another firm, meaning it’s a worthwhile endeavour to find out what keeps staff satisfied.

While sometimes businesses may find it hard to come up with an answer that suits all to the question ‘how do I motivate my employees?’, there is a solution that will help to boost morale in the workforce and drive productivity: bring-you-own-device (BYOD) schemes.

It may seem like it is on overly-simplistic idea, but such programmes have a proven track record, with a report from multinational technology company Cisco revealing that BYOD employees gain 37 minutes of productive time per week and implementation of such schemes generate $350 (£223.89) per staff member every year.

The study – which polled 2,415 mobile workers across 18 industries and six countries – claimed that a comprehensive BYOD policy has the potential to boost the value of each mobile worker to by $1,650, a significant sum of money for any organisation irrespective of its size.

BYOD schemes, especially promoted through tech reward programmes that allow employees to pick up gadgets at discounted prices, offers workers the chance to use the technology that they love to carry out work related to their jobs. If an employee is allowed to use their own laptop that they’ve personalised rather than a bog-standard corporate-owned one, they are more likely to be responsive.