Academia Cloud

The core of our hosted private cloud infrastructure is based on
technology by EMC, Juniper Networks and VMWare.

Access to Academia’s Cloud platform allows clients to be a tenant on our system architecture, walled off from the others around them, but sharing the benefits of the economies of scale that pool total resources and allocate the balance as needed. It is an offsite managed hosting environment where tenants keep custom configurations and settings to meet their needs.


This managed service is provided on a subscription basis that can scale according to your needs. IT infrastructure is no longer a large capital expense but a recurring overhead that drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) and allows your business the agility and mobility needed in the digital era.


The core of our hosted private cloud infrastructure is based on technology by EMC, Juniper Networks and VMWare. Very few IT companies have the full capability, understanding and market position to offer a full solution completely in-house; offering such a tailored platform allows our clients to access significant savings that would otherwise be taken up through outsourcing to third parties.

A full solution – completely in-house


Whether you are deploying single server or your own complex co-located cluster environments, we know you need peace of mind that your server infrastructure is in safe hands. We offer to house all or part of your physical infrastructure to our datacentre, which is monitored 24/7 to ensure you’re always online and visible.


We give you full access to your data and systems from a secure section of our system architecture. Our systems are housed in our secure datacentre, which is constantly monitored to ensure zero downtime. You have full control to administer your own virtual servers and VLANs.


Damage and failure of your data or systems could cause your organisation severe if not irrevocable harm. Putting a full recovery system in place can be a huge expense. Many organisations either end up with a compromised service that will not offer adequate protection or they procure assets that are never fully utilised.

Benefits of the Academia Cloud

Reduce Hardware Costs

Increasing your utilisation rates means lower capital expenditure on the underlying hardware. Your IT workload that is usually handled by an onsite server is done through the Cloud and provided by Academia as a service on a subscription basis; this allows the cost to be viewed as an overhead rather than a large scale capital project.

Reduce Power, Cooling and Space Costs

Pushing your workload to the Academia Cloud reduces total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure.

Reduce Management Costs

Consolidate your workloads and iron out the complexities of heterogeneous IT environments by knowing you’re in safe hands with Academia. The Academia Cloud Platform is part of a fully managed service; it allows you to focus on the important decisions that your organisation cares about.

Increase Flexibility

Your data has access to shared resource pools that increase your ability to run dynamic computing environments. The Academia Cloud platform is a hybrid Cloud. Cloud resources are available over public networks (the Internet) or private networks (WAN or LAN). This ubiquitous access allows non-traditional devices (tablets, smartphones) to access these resources at will.

Accelerate Return on Investment

Your workloads can see peaks and troughs over the course of the year. With the Academia Cloud Platform you can scale these loads optimally without over-provisioning and accelerate your return on investment by reacting to changes in the marketplace.