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Voice over Internet Protocol


Many businesses are still using traditional analogue phones with a dial tone, sometimes referred to as TDM (Time Division Multiplexers) or PBX (Private Branch Exchanges). A VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” phone system is the technology from which all new phone systems operate; in simple terms it allows your phone system to send information over your data network.



Software application driven features of VoIP are the biggest advantage over TDM. Using analogue systems, users can’t benefit from features such as call blast or simultaneous ringing. An IP phone can be programmed to ring on a mobile phone when an external call is received, but routed to voicemail for other calls. Another popular feature is receiving voicemail transcribed in an email or text message. Users can also video chat in VoIP in a softphone client on a desk or video phone without the need for a complex telepresence system. And, voice can be integrated with other business applications. Academia have partnered with ShoreTel to provide either a Managed Cloud Phone System or Onsite Business Phone Systems.

ShoreTel is a leading provider of cloud, premises-based,  hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions. Their award-winning communications solutions for small and mid-market companies consistently outperform the competition in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, value, and lowest total cost of ownership. Their innovative business phones, application integration, collaboration tools, mobility, and contact centre applications are highly reliable and empower organisations and employees to access information faster, collaborate more easily, and connect from any place, at any time, and on any device.

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  • All in one hardware, maintenance and support contracts
  • Expert implementation and installation
  • Finance options


Your choice:


  • Onsite/Premise – A traditional phone system housed in your data room
  • Cloud Hosted – Phones on the desks, and everything else in georedudnente data centres.
  • No equipment for you to maintain.
  • Hybrid – Your main office will have equipment on site, while your smaller satellite offices can be in the cloud.

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