reasons why it may be time to update your phone system


Value: Is your phone system cost-effective?

Cost is not just about price; your long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) is the best way to determine overall cost-effectiveness.

Mobility: Does your phone system provide mobility?

The working environment is changing with more and more workers expected to work “on the go.” It is vital that your staff use a mobile device which can be transformed into a mobile workstation.



Productivity: Does your phone system increase employee productivity?

Employees are less productive and efficient if they don’t have a well-connected phone system with presence features to see when colleagues are available and collaboration tools such as video, messaging and desktop sharing.

Scalability: Will your phone system scale?

If your business is growing, then you need a phone system that can scale up quickly and efficiently. Maybe your business experiences cyclical changes or seasonal spikes, can your phone system ramp up to support additional volume?



Adaptability: Does your phone system support future and emerging technologies?

Product development cycles are accelerating all the time and your business needs a phone system which is flexible enough to stay modern.


All in one hardware, maintenance and support contracts
Expert implementation and installation
Finance options



  • Onsite/Premise – A traditional phone system housed in your data room
  • Cloud Hosted – Phones on the desks, and everything else in georedudnente data centres.
  • No equipment for you to maintain.
  • Hybrid – Your main office will have equipment on site, while your smaller satellite offices can be in the cloud.




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