IT & the Flexible Work Place: An Academia Opinion Piece

Be prepared to think about your mobile hardware & software strategy differently; according to Gartner IT, decision makers should be focusing on initiatives that increase endpoint independence.

What does this mean? In essence the status quo of enterprise PCs and our working environments are being challenged to the core by the rise of mobile usage and the reliance on multiple devices & users. More and more employees are using alternative devices to view/ edit and manage information even if not supported by their employers. BYOD is one of the much publicised mechanisms to deal with this new challenge but is not necessarily being adopted by everyone which means the mobile challenge still needs to be managed and controlled.

There is a case for companies to embrace the technology change and create “smart” working environments, keeping in mind that the workplace often extends
beyond the traditional office environment. Using a device that travels with you is vital to help improve out of office productivity, keeping businesses ahead of their competitors and retaining their best staff due to improved employee satisfaction.

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